Atago Refractometers (73)
 Autoclave (2)
 Balance Industrial (1)
 Balance Laboratory (6)
 Centrifuge (6)
 Chamber (1)
 Chlorine Test (4)
 Conductivity Meter (5)
 Digital Microscope (4)
 DO Meter Portable (5)
 Elmasonic,Ultrasonic Cleaner (2)
 Heating Mantles (4)
 Laboratory Orbital Shaker (2)
 Measurement (1)
 Mettler Toledo (3)
 Microscopes (4)
 Moisture Meter (3)
 Multiparameter Photometer (2)
 Oven/Incubators (5)
 Pedometer (1)
 pH Controller (1)
 pH Electrode (5)
 pH Meter Bench (4)
 pH Meter Pocket Size (3)
 pH Meter Portable (5)
 pH Soil (2)
 Portable pH and DO Meter (0)
 Pump Vacuum (2)
 Pump WESTLAB (5)
 Stirrer Hotplate (3)
 Stirrer Magnetic (6)
 Stirrer Overhead (IKA) (2)
 Stomacher (2)
 Stopwatch / Timer (5)
 Tachometer (1)
 TDS Meter (4)
 Thermo-Hygrograph (1)
 Thermo-Hygrometer (11)
 Thermo-hygrometer Dial (3)
 Thermometer Dial (6)
 Thermometer Freezer / Cold Room (4)
 Thermometer Infrared (3)
 Thermometer Non-Contact (1)
 Thermometer Oven (2)
 Thermometer Portable (9)
 Turbidity Meter (1)
 Viscometer (4)
 Water Content (2)
 Water Still (1)
 Waterbath (1)
 Wood / Concrete Moisture (2)
 Containers (10)
 Volumetric (16)
 3M (11)
 Agar (1)
 Envirocheck (2)
 powder media (3)
 Analytical and reagents type (2)
 Industrial chemicals (1)
 Waste Water treatment (1)
 Laboratory (34)
Filter Paper
 Whatman (2)
Test Paper
 Advantec (2)
 Advantec (1)
 Brannan (8)
 Center (15)
 Eutech Instruments (11)
 EZDO (10)
 Hanna Instruments (25)
 Hovid (1)
 J.T.Baker (1)
 Merck (1)
 Mettler Toledo (10)
 Mitutoyo (3)
 QReC (1)
 TFA (45)
 Whatman (1)
Calibration Services
 Temp,Pressure,Force,Mass,Speed & Dimension. (1)
 Digital Refractometers (1)
 Calibration Solution (0)
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Our range of products are sourced from ISO and reputable manufacturers worldwide. We ensure our products sold always competitive in price without compensating the high quality.

We provide professional advice on applications of each product. Advice on laboratory site, installation and training will be handled by qualified personnels.

Envirolab Sdn. Bhd. is committed to supply only high quality products and efficient in providing after sales service delivery.
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Biological Microscope

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Digital Thermo-Hygrometer

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Digital USB Microscope

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Portable Mini Microscope

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Instruments | Atago Refractometers | PAL-22S Honey Moisture
PAL-22S Honey Moisture

Instruments | Atago Refractometers | PAL-27S  Soy Milk
PAL-27S Soy Milk

Instruments | Atago Refractometers | PAL-ES2 Salinity Salt Meters
PAL-ES2 Salinity Salt Meters

Instruments | Atago Refractometers | PEN-PRO

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